Ambidextrous thinking: The Hemisphere difference

by | May 18, 2023 | Hemisphere

At Hemisphere, we’re really proud of our people, our name, our logo and our tagline.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback since we rebuilt as Hemisphere. But have you ever stopped to think… Why the name Hemisphere? And what do they mean by Ambidextrous Thinking?

Fair enough! Let’s break it down.

You may have seen our launch animation that teased at who we are.

And you may have heard our team talk about strategic creativity. We thought it was about time we made what we do and what we mean Hemis-clear.

We’re a strategic agency, a creative agency, a media agency and a digital agency wrapped into one, each of these building blocks create the wharenui that is Hemisphere. Our people are passionate explorers, our teams are engineered to combine our creative and curious, our clever and critical, our left and right brain thinkers.

Together, we are ambidextrous thinkers, this is how we approach every challenge. Our combined strengths and smarts enable us to expertly craft evidence-based creative campaigns which make people think and feel, while importantly delivering ROI.


Our logo highlights our approach – ambidextrous thinking. Bringing together the best left and right hemisphere thinking. Bringing it together to win heads and hearts.

This approach boosts creativity and problem solving. It builds on the strength of our people, It makes strategic sense, it makes creative sense.

Ambidextrous thinking takes us beyond traditional marketing tactics. We’ve seen agencies crow that creative is king, while others put strategy first.

Ambidextrous thinking combines logic and data with creativity and art to create mahi that resonates at an emotional level. Our team of explorers thrive in uncharted territory. We fuse facts and feelings to enable our client’s stories to stand out in the market.


Our left brain thinkers are critical to crafting great advertising solutions. Hemisphere Media and Hemisphere Insight, both led by industry stalwart Katrina Richmond, delve into data, explore market trends and identify when and where we need to reach people. Their expertise makes sure the best data informs each and every step.


Right brain thinkers bring creativity and imagination to our work. They make sure that campaigns stand out from the competition. They build on the data and insight of our lefties to create powerful messages that break away from the traditional to deliver emotional impact.


But it’s not just about lefties and righties. It’s about exploring solutions together. We encourage everyone to become an ambidextrous thinker – using their left hemisphere and their right hemisphere. Our best ambidextrous thinkers switch between analytical and intuitive modes depending on the environment. This creates the BEST original ideas.

Weaving together left brain and right brain thinking – ambidextrous thinking – is the most powerful tool for creating effective advertising campaigns. It gives an edge and:

  • Generates more ideas using logic and imagination
  • Communicates ideas faster through words and images
  • Encourages collaboration through rationality and empathy
  • Enables faster learning through experimentation and observation.

At Hemisphere, we use logic and theory from the left hemisphere with creativity and culture from the right for deep and effective connections with the audience.

We don’t take a fact versus feeling approach; we deliver balance. Relying too heavily on one hemisphere leads to ineffective campaigns that don’t deliver.

Culture is critical when crafting effective messages. Our team are experts at weaving together deep culture insight. We know Aotearoa. We’re rooted in our communities. Drawn from communities like tiny Gore to the mighty Auckland. And still living in and connected to our roots.

Ambidextrous thinking is also about action… bringing everything together in a solution that can be delivered. Working as a team with our clients means we get things done. Every client team has a leftie and a rightie assigned to it – strategic and creative thinkers. Our Ambidextrous Thinkers create campaigns that work.

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