Ambidextrous thinking to shape effective campaigns

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Hemisphere, Whakaaro

The best advertising, the best communications, the best engagement with your audience can only be built on deep and evidence-based insight into their needs, their wants, and their lifestyles. At Hemisphere Insight, we bring together evidence and intuition to inform decisions and shape the future. We weave together data and culture to deliver authentic insights leading to effective change.


We launched Hemisphere Insight to bring best practice to this field. Led by consumer insights guru Katrina Richmond, with support from Dr Tim Antric, Hemisphere Insight brings client data, our own databases and tailored research to ensure our thinking is informed by the best possible evidence.

Inclusive Approaches

We deliver market research, focus groups, hui, wānanga, talanoa, surveys and other activities to understand the needs and experiences of your customers. These activities feed into our Ambidextrous Thinking — quantitative data shapes our strategic direction. And the rich qualitative data we work with — the pūrakau and stories — feed our creativity. The result? Strategic creativity.

Hemisphere Insight’s skilled facilitators and researchers can deliver research, evaluation and co-design projects that build on different worldviews, use different languages, and engage people through their preferred channels.

We take a strengths-based approach to research, often built around appreciative inquiry — focused on the experiences and dreams of the community. This approach sits well with kaupapa Māori and Pacific approaches to enquiry.

Embracing Whānau Realities

Our Poutaki Taura Tāngata, Ariana Storey (Te Whakatōhea, Tūwharetoa) and her team lead our work with whānau Māori. They live and breathe in this space. Their iwi connections range from the bottom of Te Waipounamu to Te Taitokerau at the tip of Te Ika-a-Māui.

Hemisphere is also part of the cultural marketing collaboration, Te Huihui o Te Kakau, extending our own research ability through genuine and ongoing relationship and research capacity with our Māori, Pacific, Asian, Rainbow and Disability communities. We don’t take a FIFO (fly in, fly out) approach. Instead, we partner with people who live, work, and play in these communities. And we train the people from those communities, creating new work opportunities in their kāinga.

Insightful Solutions

We tailor our approach to client needs; our standard offering includes:

BEHAVIOURAL INSIGHT Leveraging data and theories to understand consumer behaviour, enabling us to inform campaigns and programmes.

CREATIVE RESONANCE Drawing upon our expertise in effective advertising, we collaborate with you to ensure the right solutions enhance your brand’s impact.

AUDIENCE PERSONAS Conducting audience segmentation, unveiling insights, identifying commonalities and creating audience personas for targeted marketing.

BRAND HEALTH Assessing and enhancing the health of your brand, both internally and externally, and providing recommendations for a stronger brand presence.

MAHI TAHI CO-DESIGN Employing design thinking to collaborate with whānau and communities, developing priorities and shaping solutions.

EVALUATION Incorporating evaluation strategies to gain insights into their effectiveness and inform future decision-making.

Why does Insight matter?

Insight plays a crucial role in advertising and social marketing. Using quantitative and qualitative data to fuel work programmes ensures:

    Deep insights enable us to identify the specific needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience. This knowledge helps to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns that speak directly to consumer motivations. The result? Increased engagement and conversion rates.

    Insight-driven advertising taps into the emotions and aspirations of your audience. By understanding their values, beliefs, and cultural context, we can craft authentic messages that resonate on a deeper level, fostering a genuine emotional connection.

    Insight into consumer behaviour allows us to understand the factors that drive decision-making processes. By aligning messaging and creative strategies with these insights, we can effectively influence consumer behaviour and drive the actions you want to see.

    By leveraging insights, we can optimise your advertising spend. Understanding the audience’s preferences and media consumption habits enables precise targeting and efficient allocation of resources, resulting in improved ROI.

Proven Expertise

Hemisphere Insight has a track record of delivering insights-driven advertising solutions for clients, government agencies, healthcare organisations, commercial partners and non-profits. Our team has delivered insights for the Ministry of Primary Industries, Suzuki, Black Diamond Technologies (Mitsubishi Electric), Ministry of Health, Te Hiringa Hauora, Te Whatu Ora, NZ Mountain Safety Council, Northland DHB, the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, Public Libraries of New Zealand, Ministry of Social Development and more. They are highly skilled across all the areas – research design, promotion, interviewing, data analysis, reporting and, of course, whānau engagement.

We are ambidextrous thinkers. We seamlessly blend quantitative data analysis with qualitative insights. We understand that the best campaigns are informed by a combination of scientific rigour and creative intuition, allowing us to deliver impactful and authentic advertising solutions.

Hemisphere Insight empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience. We use a combination of data-driven insights and culturally sensitive research methodologies, we unravel the intricacies of people’s lives, enabling you to establish meaningful connections and deliver impactful campaigns.

If you want to better understand your market and drive effective advertising strategies, let’s kōrero. Together, we can unlock the power of deep insights and research to shape the future of your brand.