Using ambidextrous thinking in media

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Hemisphere, Whakaaro

The world of media is changing faster than ever before. Artificial Intelligence may be the latest game changer, but it’s only one of many. Riding the wave of change and adapting to emerging technologies and trends is one thing we’re very good at in Hemisphere Media. We’ve been doing it a long time.


We know how to use the latest tools (and some that have been around a while) to create campaigns that break through and capture people’s attention. Great creative is definitely an important part of it, but to make great creative work, you need it to be aligned with great media strategy and delivery.

Hemisphere Media are experts in delivering impactful results across every media channel, and we’re great at connecting channels together to make things even more effective. We use Ambidextrous Thinking — data and intuition — to develop paid media approaches that seamlessly integrate with creative solutions to resonate with New Zealand (and offshore) audiences.

Understanding Ambidextrous Thinking

Ambidextrous thinking is the science and art of leveraging analytical and intuitive modes of thought —allowing us to craft innovative strategies while staying grounded in data-driven insights. We fuse the logical left hemisphere and the creative right hemisphere to generate powerful advertising campaigns.

Harnessing the power of data

Data has become an invaluable resource for advertisers. It provides significant insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and market trends. We use data to identify the most effective channels, how to connect with priority audiences, and the best times and contexts to reach and engage with them. This data-driven approach ensures that our media strategies are precise, targeted, and efficient.

Embracing intuition and creativity

While data is an essential component of media planning, intuition and creativity are equally important. Ambidextrous thinking allows us to go beyond raw numbers and use behavioural cues to tap into the heartbeat of the audience. It enables us to develop creative media solutions that evoke a genuine connection, capturing the minds and hearts of consumers.

Finding the balance

The true power of ambidextrous thinking lies in striking a harmonious balance between data and creativity. It’s not a battle between left and right brain thinking but a synergistic collaboration.

At Hemisphere Media, we know that relying too heavily on one aspect can lead to ineffective campaigns. By finding the sweet spot between data-backed insights and intuitive planning, we create impactful media strategies that deliver tangible results.

Knowing Aotearoa

Understanding the unique characteristics of the people of Aotearoa is crucial for effective media planning and buying. We’re deeply rooted in New Zealand’s culture; we take pride in our ability to weave local insights into our strategies. When we need insights from the community, we tap into our internal Culture Club — representing Māori, Pacific, Asian, Tauiwi, Rainbow and other communities — as well as Te Huihui o Te Kakau.

Our team’s expertise and connection to communities enables us to craft campaigns that resonate authentically with Kiwis. We embrace cultural diversity, life experience and regional nuances.

Why Hemisphere Media

Maximising your brand’s visibility and reaching the audience at the right time is crucial to success.
Our skilled and experienced team can be your guide. We’ll deliver comprehensive solutions — media strategy, planning, buying and importantly, ongoing optimisation. We’ll make sure your creative assets are doing the best job possible.

Hemisphere Media is trusted by some leading New Zealand organisations: Suzuki New Zealand; Ministry for Primary Industries, Black Diamond Technologies (Mitsubishi Electric); Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; Inland Revenue; and more.

Our team weave together digital and more traditional media channels to deliver exceptional results, driven by ambidextrous thinking.

Delivering opportunities and impact

Effective media planning is the foundation for success.

We use data-driven insights and consumer research (driven by Hemisphere Insight) to identify the channels and tactics that will work best for your audience/s. We harness the power of data analytics to uncover consumer behaviour patterns to ensure we get your creative to the right people at the right time.

We combine logical analysis with intuitive behavioural understanding to develop media plans that optimise reach, frequency, impact and engagement.

Strategic media buying is a key driver of success. We negotiate favourable rates and secure ad placements that will deliver to your brand and your values and maximise your ROI. Our tools and technologies ensure we identify the optimal media opportunities for your brand, ensuring that your message stands out among the clutter.

Our media specialists use their expertise to secure cost-effective media placements that amplify your brand’s visibility.

Weaving it all together

Our ambidextrous thinking approach means we harness the power of digital and more traditional platforms to create compelling campaigns that resonate with your target audience and achieve your goals.

From search engine marketing (SEM) to out of home to social media to TV and video (and a whole lot more), our media expertise ensures that your brand remains at the front of your consumers’ minds.

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, integrated marketing is essential for maintaining brand consistency and maximising impact. Hemisphere Media understands the power of a cohesive approach that harmonises all channels and touchpoints.

Our expertise in media strategy, planning, and buying, coupled with digital marketing, ensures we create integrated campaigns that ensure a unified brand experience across platforms. Our ambidextrous thinkers collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results that drive brand growth and customer engagement.

Driving Results

At Hemisphere Media, we excel at developing media strategies that go well beyond off the shelf solutions. By harnessing the power of data and intuition, we create bespoke campaigns that generate meaningful engagement, increase brand awareness, and drive measurable results.

Our approach ensures that every advertising dollar is strategically allocated, maximising the ROI for our clients.

Hemisphere Media combines the power of data-driven insights with creative solutions to deliver impactful campaigns.

By finding the perfect balance between analytics and intuition, we create media strategies that connect deeply with the New Zealand audience.

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