Meet Client Service Specialist, Alexandra (Bug) Leckie

Apr 3, 2024 | Hemisphere, Meet the team

Our Hemisphere team are curious and creative. We love working with our clients, partners and associates to win heads and hearts. Meet the team behind the magic.

Who are you?

Kia ora I’m Alexandra (or Bug as I am more commonly known). I’m an extrovert at heart and a bit of a social butterfly. I love to host dinner parties, sing, listen to other people sing, watch history documentaries, listen to true crime podcasts, read books on morbid topics and spend as much time as possible with animals of any kind (except centipedes).

What’s your story?

I grew up in rural Wairarapa where my childhood was filled with hunting, fishing, horse riding, camping, paddock car destroying, animal caring, thistle hoeing and generally just running amuck with my siblings. I did my OE at the tender age of 17 leaving NZ for the first time to spend 6 months traveling in the UK and the USA.

On my return, I enrolled at Victoria University to study biology. During studies, I worked at Wellington Zoo as a wildlife educator followed by some time as a wildlife guide at Zealandia. I ended up in project management completely by accident 8 years ago but soon found my footing and realised, to my surprise, that I really enjoyed it and was pretty darn good at it!

What did you want to do when you were small?

Be David Attenborough.

What’s your superpower?

Seeing the glass half full. I like to put a positive spin on life and not sweat the small stuff.

Why did you join Hemisphere?

Hemisphere’s values really embody social change. We work with some exciting clients and have done incredible work in the behaviour change space. Our values as a business align with mine and I know I can learn a lot from being a part of this team.

What do you do at Hemisphere?

I’m a Client Service Specialist. This means I have the privilege and responsibility to oversee projects from launch to delivery. My role is to be an asset to both the client and the creative team offering support throughout the process and managing all communication. My aim is to streamline the entire process and bring out the best in all parties — resulting in work we are all proud of.

What are you passionate about in your mahi?

I love the human side of this industry. Getting to know my clients and building that all important trust. I enjoy the collaboration, hearing how passionate they are about their business and advocating for them on projects.

What do you do outside of Hemisphere life?

My free time is spent with my friends and whānau. Having a good laugh with those you love is the spice of life.

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