Meet Media Specialist, Ashley Williams

Aug 4, 2023 | Hemisphere, Meet the team

Our Hemisphere team are curious and creative. We love working with our clients, partners and associates to win heads and hearts. Meet the team behind the magic.

Who are you?

Kia ora, I’m Ashley. A fun, vibrant, artsy gal who loves The Smiths. I love to keep busy and experience as much from life as I can. I enjoy learning, and continuously growing to shape the person I want to be.

What’s your story?

I’m a spirited Taranaki gal with a farm upbringing, now thriving in the vibrant capital city. Nature’s serenity and the city’s dynamic art, music, and culture captivate me. I embrace the best of both worlds, shaping my unique perspectives — ready to share my passions and experiences with the world.

What are you passionate about?

In three words – creativity, nature, and connectivity. I love to learn and experience new things because to me that is what life is about; learning, creating, experiencing, and sharing moments together. I could fill a book with my love for exploring new things and places.

What did you want to do when you were small?

I was a typical kid with classic dreams of becoming a vet for my love of animals, then a 2000s popstar icon like Britney Spears. After that, I quickly moved on to becoming a spy and running around the garden which led me to my love for acting and dancing (I participated in all the shows back home!). My favourite part was always the practices, costumes and glam, which led me down the path to what I studied at uni.

Why did you join Hemisphere?

I graduated university with an Honours degree in design, majoring in fashion. I loved my educational journey and discovered my passion for brand building, content curation, and marketing planning. This ignited my love for marketing and media, prompting me to explore this field further. When I crossed paths with Hemisphere, the people, the location, and the work captivated me entirely, and I knew I had found my perfect match.

What do you do at Hemisphere?

I provide top tier chat, great fits, and a hard-working attitude. I’m also a Media Specialist, combining expertise in media strategies, brand development, social media, and design. I bring a unique blend of skills to drive impactful campaigns and engage audiences. I enjoy crafting compelling content, managing projects, and leveraging data-driven insights to make awesome marketing campaigns.

What’s your superpower?

If you asked my friends, they’d likely mention my unwavering confidence and the ability to effortlessly strike up a conversation with anyone! I have a genuine passion for learning about people — their unique experiences, lessons, and passions that shape their lives. It’s truly fascinating to me, and this curiosity, coupled with my confidence, empowers me to approach anyone and engage in chat-filled conversations – Chatley some would call me.

Connecting with others brings me joy, although if I got a comic book type superpower it would 100% be teleportation!

What do you do outside of Hemisphere life?

I’m a blend between a surf ocean nature girly and a fashion and music lover. The ocean is my happy place. You can find me there all year long. I also love hiking and seeing the most beautiful places, as well as escaping to worlds made up in books.

I’m also an artsy gal. I enjoy expressing my creativity through various mediums. I like sewing, drawing, painting, and pottery. I recently started Salsa dancing and love it!

As if that is not enough in my life, you’ll also find me in the gym or having movie and games nights with my friends. I value friends and family so highly.

Traveling is a passion of mine and I revel in experiencing diverse cultures and climates. Festivals and live music hold a special place in my heart — the euphoria of witnessing live performances never gets old. My taste in music leans towards indie and alternative rock, although I embrace all genres. In essence, life to me is about embracing new places, new experiences, and sharing those moments with loved ones.

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