Bringing our kaupapa to life – Partnership in practice

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Hemisphere

Back in October when we transformed to become Hemisphere, we didn’t just change our name, we changed our entire approach.

As Hemisphere came to life, we saw a change across our team. We brought together a new way of working and a new identity, mixing the best of left and right brain thinking to take us forward.

To start this journey, we first had to part ways with the mellow, beachy tones of the office, including the fun but outdated beach wall with its life-sized cardboard Pōhutukawa tree. In its place we needed a feature that would bring our refreshed kaupapa to life, highlight the vibrant and dynamic colours that represent us, and give the space more impact and personality.

We approached MITA creative with our vision for a new mural wall – an artwork that would express our work culture and values, and most importantly, our ambidextrous identity. Our partnership with MITA quickly led to a design which exceeds every expectation. The art you now see encapsulates Hemisphere perfectly. The dualities of te ao Māori and te ao Pākehā, left and right brain thinking, head and heart, science and art.

The Big Picture helped us bring this vision to life. As the last section was applied, the office space instantly filled with vibrance and energy – our home was finally complete.

Now, when manuhiri enter our world, they are greeted by a statement that shows our Hemisphere story, our purpose, and our identity. It’s also a great reminder of our journey as an agency – how far we’ve come and all the exciting things that await us.

Nau mai, haere mai. Let’s kōrero.