The agency that plays together stays together

Oct 14, 2022 | Hemisphere, Whakaaro

Everything about Hemisphere is focused around people and relationships. If our people aren’t thriving, then neither are we.

At Hemisphere, we’re passionate about bringing data and creativity together. We need both to make it work. And we can only make it work if our people are healthy and well. There’s no debate, investing in people’s health and wellbeing delivers results.
Given we’re in the ideas game, we love it when our people are able to be their best, and healthy team members are more likely to be creative, loyal and productive.

So how do we make sure our people thrive? We seek out their passion.

We know that people need the right balance of challenge and excitement in their roles to flourish, and we believe it’s important that they can incorporate their passions into daily work. We’re not afraid to let our team explore their interests, whether that’s encouraging the social media junkie to join the content team or helping someone who loves process improvement to champion a new way of doing things.

We actively create opportunities for our team to collaborate, learn and grow together. We love all the tools that enable us to collaborate from different places, but the real magic happens when we gather together.

People talkingWe make time to listen – and to laugh. We take the time to find out how our team feel. We make spaces for different voices and opinions. And we take everything on board. Everything about Hemisphere is shaped by our team.

Listening to the team has shaped the Hemisphere difference:

  • We’re flexible
  • We’re transparent
  • We’re inclusive
  • We have fun together
  • We encourage personal and professional growth
  • We care about every person.

At Hemisphere, we’re creating a culture that focuses on people, play and passion. We love creating great work that builds on our curiosity and creativity. Work that centres our values and reflects our diverse talents.

If you’re looking for somewhere to belong – somewhere you’ll be trusted and valued – get in touch.