Saving lives and making sure we come home from every adventure


Every year, 4,000 hikers and trampers are injured, and over 500 need help from our Search and Rescue services. Tragically, six people do not return home.

The New Zealand Search and Rescue Beacons campaign, now in its third year, aims to address these alarming statistics. By encouraging more people to carry a personal locator beacon when heading out on an adventure — ensuring rescuers can locate them.

Through collaboration with stakeholders in the NZ search and rescue community, we gained insights into the barriers and motivations around beacon usage. This, coupled with data from Nielsen research and our behavioural databases, identified risk awareness and cost as key factors to address in the campaign.


For an effective “wake-up call” in our long-term behaviour change campaign, it was crucial to grab the audience’s attention and shake them out of their apathy.

We used striking photography to highlight the risks and the importance of carrying a beacon. The campaign featured hunters and trampers being rescued — showing we’re all at risk. We highlighted statistics on phone service, weather conditions, and injuries — quickly highlighting when and why a beacon was needed.

We targeted ads based on users’ online and offline behaviour, delivering messages to hunters and trampers. Collaborating with stakeholders, we developed targeting strategies. We also provided stakeholders with assets to share across their social media and physical sites.

This collaborative approach resulted in a highly cost-effective campaign that effectively reached New Zealanders.

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We are Hemisphere. We're curious and creative. We're experts in strategy, creative, digital, media and culture. Let's talk about what the Hemisphere difference can mean for you.

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