Passionate about purpose

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Hemisphere, Whakaaro

We’re passionate people with purpose. Marketing is all about Ps after all! At Hemisphere, we know what we stand for. We stand for an Aotearoa where every person can flourish. Where our cultures can shine. Where diversity is embraced.

We want everything that we do to contribute to the social, cultural, environmental and economic flourishing of Aotearoa. As an advertising, marketing and behaviour change agency, we work with clients, communities and partners to create campaigns that win heads and hearts.

Working together sits at the heart of the Hemisphere difference. We all have a role to play. Each of us have our own skills and they are all needed to make the whole.


E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū.

The tui chatters, the kākā cackles, the kererū coos.


We’re a socially conscious crew at Hemisphere. We know we all have a part to play in creating a thriving Aotearoa. We lead by example, instilling our values in all the work we do. We want to attract like-minded people, who feel the same about Aotearoa, about purpose, and about social marketing as a tool for societal improvement.

“Hemisphere is more than an agency. We’re a community. A community of people who are passionate about Aotearoa.”

“Hemisphere is more than an agency,” says Managing Director Tim Antric. “We’re a community. A community of people who are passionate about Aotearoa. Our work, our values, our kaupapa are focused on being curious and creative, delivering the best of left and right brain thinking to move heads and hearts. We have a purpose to deliver work that enables Aotearoa to flourish – socially, culturally, environmentally and economically – that embraces te ao Māori and truly connects with all New Zealanders.”

Purpose is not a singular task that can be checked off and never thought about again. It is a continuous effort to aim for better, interweaving the very ethos of your business into your actions and efforts. It’s not easy, but it is crucial in today’s socially conscious, high-awareness world.

Purpose is the driving force behind Hemisphere. We’re building on our heritage as GSL Promotus, inspiring change through data and insight to produce strategic creative that delivers to client goals.

Talk to us about our purpose and how we can help you achieve yours.