Welcome to a new Swift world

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Clients, Hemisphere, Our work

Today we unveil the launch campaign for the all-new Suzuki Swift. Renowned as New Zealand’s favourite small car, the 2024 version features an updated body, new interior configuration, and a highly efficient self-charging hybrid engine.

Head of Creative, Sean Barker said: “The Swift holds a special place in New Zealanders’ hearts, and the arrival of a new era to the Swift legacy gave us the perfect opportunity to dream big.

We wanted to bring to life the unique and fun experience Swift owners feel behind the wheel, by visualising a fantasy land full of Swifts happily driving around. So, we developed a bright coloured 3D cubed ‘New Swift World’ which we welcome audiences to enter. Using a 3D model of the vehicle, we show-off the standout new body shape and even swoop inside for a sweet look at the brand new 9-inch touchscreen and driver-orientated cockpit. This is definitely a car ad with a difference.”

“A visual feast that’s almost as fun to watch as it is to drive a new Swift!”

The campaign leans into Suzuki’s fun and quirky personality — playing with perspectives to show Swifts driving upside down, on their side, up walls and through tunnels. All while the multi-coloured cubed world pulses to the beat of unforgettable music.

The visually stunning backdrop developed for the TVC gave the Hemisphere and Suzuki team the foundations for a range of stunning advertising assets to further reinforce the unique appeal of the Suzuki Swift, so you won’t be able to miss this campaign in the wild. 

View the TVC

Listen to the radio ad

View the digital ad

The all-new Suzuki Swift is available now, with special introductory pricing from $25,990+orc.