Beyond the billboard: A media and creative approach to the great outdoors

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Clients, Hemisphere, Our work

In an age where digital dominates, Hemisphere Media continues to prove the power of innovative approaches to reach New Zealanders while out and about.

Our recent work demonstrates our expertise in leveraging multiple channels, from traditional outdoor media to cutting-edge digital solutions, to reach and engage diverse audiences effectively.

A dynamically different approach to billboards

Our campaign for Mitsubishi Electric’s Wi-Fi Control heat pumps showcases our innovative approach to outdoor advertising. Recognising New Zealand’s diverse climate – where it can be scorching in the North and freezing in the South on the same day — we created a dynamic digital out-of-home campaign that adapted to local conditions.

Working closely with Black Diamond Technologies and GO Media, we developed a system that used real-time weather data to customise out-of-home content based on the local temperature. The result? Messaging that’s always relevant, whether you’re in Auckland or Invercargill.

Key features of the campaign included:

  • Temperature-specific messaging
  • Changing visuals based on whether it’s above or below 20°C
  • Tailored copy that spoke directly to local weather conditions

This approach ensured that the Mitsubishi Electric’s Wi-Fi Control story resonated with viewers across Aotearoa, showcasing the product’s benefits in a way that felt personal and immediate.

Reaching diverse audiences wherever they are

Across summer and autumn, we ran successful campaigns that reached and engaged with outdoor audiences. From fishers to farmers, trampers to tangata whenua and boaties to the border, we delivered effective outcomes across a variety of sectors.

  • Biosecurity New Zealand
    Within 1 week, we created and deployed a multi-media campaign across radio, print, billboards, online, and social channels to protect Te Arawa lakes from freshwater clams.
  • NZ Search and Rescue
    Our campaign doubled year-on-year visits to, promoting the use of personal locator beacons.
  • Fisheries New Zealand
    We drove over 27,000 downloads of the NZ Fishing Rules app — our best annual result yet.
  • Northland Regional Council
    Our digital campaign for the Good to Go Summer hub achieved high-quality engagement among locals and visitors, with an average session duration of 2.5 minutes.
  • Check Clean Dry
    Our interactive digital ads targeting freshwater sports enthusiasts achieved an impressive 4.79% engagement rate.
  • Border Protection
    We combined targeted digital advertising in Australia with strategic billboard placements at key international airports (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Gold Coast) providing a last chance opportunity to engage with NZ-bound travellers.
  • Tipu Mātoro National Wallaby Eradication Programme
    Our integrated creative and media approach led to significant year-on-year improvements in exposure, engagement, and cost efficiency.

The ambidextrous thinking approach of our creative and media teams across all these campaigns delivered outstanding exposure, engagement and cost efficiency.

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